Our polar bear clothing store is about more than direct donations. It’s about inspiring change in those around us. We all worry about suffering and endangered animals like the polar bears. You can make an easy donation by purchasing a beautiful polar bear apparel.

Rest assured you’re making a bigger change than you even know. While you sport your shirt, you’re showing friends and family how simple it can be to participate in a great cause.

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Your polar bear shirt will encourage others towards awareness, make a donation, and inspire dozens of others!

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Our Efforts to Save the Polar Bears

Our polar bear clothing store always keeps up with the latest polar bear relief research. Our polar bear tee shirts represent bears whose homes and customs are slipping away.

The organizations we support with our polar bear tee shirts are doing incredible things with technology and education. When it comes to global change research and environmental conservation, there’s still a lot of research to do, and research is expensive.

Some of the actions and establishments that our polar bear clothing store supports include:

  • Detailed research regarding the threats polar bears face
  • Assessment of how we can mitigate these risks
  • Media coverage of polar bears’ living conditions
  • Networks of zoos and aquariums that educate people about environmental conservation
  • Photos and footage that help nonprofit partners and educators get involved

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Why do the Polar Bears need our Help?

Your polar bear t shirt represents the rapidly transforming habitat of innocent polar bears.

Polar bears are an ice-dependent species. They rely on ice to access seals, their main food source. Of course, they also need ice to find one another, mate, and even to rest and sleep. Without ice, polar bears will drown. As global temperatures rise, we are seeing the ice disappear from polar bears’ habitats and the polar bears disappearing with it.

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Feel Good Inside and Out

Not only should your polar bear shirt fit well and feel comfortable, but it can also make you feel good inside about the recyclable materials with which it has been made and the donation you’ve which will go when you make a purchase. Check out our Ambassadors page to connect with our habitat conservation efforts.

High Quality Clothing

Browse our polar bear tee shirts and help our polar bear clothing store to expand. All of the items are made of 100% cotton, so you can expect softness and comfort. Show off beautiful animals in a trendy way with a polar bear tank top or polar bear tee.

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